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NEW Episode Two: The Christian Conservative Capitalist Commentary

🚨 Got some exciting news for you! NEW EPISODE ALERT! 🚨

In Episode 2 ("The Fatherlessness Crisis: America's Untold Epidemic") Philip Blackett reflects on Father's Day and the crisis of fatherlessness in the U.S., highlighting its impact on black children, crime rates, education, and substance abuse. He discusses potential solutions, public awareness, and the role of faith in addressing these issues.

Key Points

  • Fatherlessness in America is a critical issue impacting millions of children, with significant repercussions on their emotional, academic, and social development.

  • The absence of fathers is linked to higher rates of poverty, crime, and mental health issues among affected children, making it a multifaceted problem requiring comprehensive solutions.

  • Addressing fatherlessness involves public awareness, policy reforms, and community-based support systems, alongside fostering a deeper relationship with God to provide spiritual guidance and healing.

Listen to the SECOND episode below:


Welcome to The Christian Conservative Capitalist Commentary: a weekly commentary on news, current events and issues affecting us all from a Christian, Conservative and Capitalistic perspective.

My mission is to not stay on the sidelines quietly but to engage with the world around us, sharing my candid viewpoints that are based on a Biblical worldview, Conservative values, and Capitalism principles.

Some opinions you will agree with. Some you will disagree with. Both are welcomed here. As long as we do it respectfully while listening and engaging with those who think, believe and vote differently from you.

Don't stay on the sidelines. Listen and let's engage. Respectfully of course. For a better world for us all.

Listen to the Trailer below:

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