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NEW Episode Four: The Christian Conservative Capitalist Commentary

🚨 Got some exciting news for you! NEW EPISODE ALERT! 🚨

In Episode 4 ("The Shift of Black Voters Towards Trump and what the Republican Party should focus on in 2024 and beyond"), Philip Blackett discusses recent polls on black support for Trump, its potential impact on this year's election, and disillusionment with the Democratic party among black voters. He also shares the significant opportunity for the Republican Party to grow its base among both Black and Hispanic voters.

Key Points

  • Economic concerns, particularly around job creation and inflation, are driving some Black voters, especially Black men, to consider supporting President Trump.

  • Disillusionment with the Democratic Party and a perception that their concerns are being ignored or taken for granted is leading some Black voters to seek alternatives.

  • President Trump's policies on criminal justice reform, cultural resonance with Black celebrities, and a perception of strength and decisiveness are appealing to some Black male voters.

Listen to the FOURTH episode below:


Welcome to The Christian Conservative Capitalist Commentary: a weekly commentary on news, current events and issues affecting us all from a Christian, Conservative and Capitalistic perspective.

My mission is to not stay on the sidelines quietly but to engage with the world around us, sharing my candid viewpoints that are based on a Biblical worldview, Conservative values, and Capitalism principles.

Some opinions you will agree with. Some you will disagree with. Both are welcomed here. As long as we do it respectfully while listening and engaging with those who think, believe and vote differently from you.

Don't stay on the sidelines. Listen and let's engage. Respectfully of course. For a better world for us all.

Listen to the Trailer below:

For future episodes, you can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and my website.


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