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#MorningWorship - You've Already Won

Each morning, I start off my day by listening to my personally curated "Morning Worship" playlist on my phone. It's a playlist with days' worth of gospel and worship music that I have grown up with and listened to for over 30 years.

I want to share with you a song each morning that I listened to that day that inspired me and reminded me of God's goodness, love and mission for us on Earth.

Today's song: "You've Already Won" by Shane & Shane

(lyrics below the video)

There’s peace that outlasts darkness

Hope thats in the blood

There’s future grace that's mine today

That Jesus Christ has won

So I can face tomorrow

For tomorrow’s in Your hands

All I need you will provide

Just like you always have

I’m fighting a battle

That you’ve already won

No matter what comes my way

I will overcome

I don’t know what your doing

But I know what you’ve done

I’m fighting a battle that

You’ve already won

There’s mercy in the waiting

Mana for today

And when it’s gone I know you’re not

You are my hope and stay

When the sea is raging

Your Spirt is my help

He’ll fix my eyes on Jesus Christ

And I’ll say that is well

Oh I know that it is well

I know how the story ends

We will be with you again

You’re my Savior my defense

No More fear in life or death

I know how this story ends


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