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#MorningWorship - Welcome Resurrection

Each morning, I start off my day by listening to my personally curated "Morning Worship" playlist on my phone. It's a playlist with days' worth of gospel and worship music that I have grown up with and listened to for over 30 years.

I want to share with you a song each morning that I listened to that day that inspired me and reminded me of God's goodness, love and mission for us on Earth.

Today's song: "Welcome Resurrection (feat. Chris Brown)" by Elevation Worship

(lyrics below the video)

May I never lose the wonder

Of this Gospel mystery

From the heavens came a Savior

From the ground arose a King

Every day is born in darkness

Every winter yields to spring

Let us speak of resurrection

Even in the suffering

You can do anything

You can do anything

My eyes will see Your glory

My eyes will see Your glory

As the sisters begged the Savior

Come at once to Bethany

For the one You love is dying

But His yes was not to be

As His weeping begged the question

Could His friend He not have healed

But He’s still the resurrection

Even when the tomb is sealed

The dead will live

The dead will live again

Speaks the whisper in the silence

Sleeps the harvest in the seed

Cradled now a new beginning

In the heart that dares believe

Crucify your hesitation

Wounded expectation bring

Will you welcome resurrection

Will you crown the risen King


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