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#MorningWorship - Weathered

Each morning, I start off my day by listening to my personally curated "Morning Worship" playlist on my phone. It's a playlist with days' worth of gospel and worship music that I have grown up with and listened to for over 30 years.

I want to share with you a song each morning that I listened to that day that inspired me and reminded me of God's goodness, love and mission for us on Earth.

Today's song: "Weathered" by Bethel Music feat. Dante Bowe and Hannah McClure

(lyrics below the video)

After all that we’ve been through

Tell me how I’m supposed to function without You

You’ve seen my heart be worn and used

You didn’t leave, instead You stayed and made me new

How sweet it is to trust You, Jesus

To know You, I mean really know You

Father, Son, and Holy Shepherd

A love so deep it can't be measured

A love that's real, a love that's weathered

I could never count the times

You stayed faithful while my heart was compromised

You held me close each time I cried

When the last thing I deserved was sacrifice

More than skin and bone can offer

You’re consistent through and through

Other love's just imitations

It cannot compare to You

Deeper than infatuation

Than the rush of something new

This is soul inhabitation

You’re in me and I’m in You


A love that’s real

A love that’s weathered


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