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#MorningWorship - Hallelujah Anyway

Each morning, I start off my day by listening to my personally curated "Morning Worship" playlist on my phone. It's a playlist with days' worth of gospel and worship music that I have grown up with and listened to for over 30 years.

I want to share with you a song each morning that I listened to that day that inspired me and reminded me of God's goodness, love and mission for us on Earth.

Today's song: "Hallelujah Anyway" by Rend Collective

(lyrics below the video)

​​I’ll find a way to praise You

From the bottom of my broken heart

‘Cause I think I’d rather strike a match

Than curse the dark

Yeah I’ll find a way to thank You

Though bitterness is real and hard

‘Cause I’d rather take a chance on hope

Than fall apart

I don’t think I’m ready to surrender to the dark

Even if my daylight never dawns

Even if my breakthrough never comes

Even if I’ll fight to bring You praise

Even if my dreams fall to the ground

Even if I’m lost, I know I’m found

Even if my heart will somehow say

Hallelujah anyway

I hear a hymn of triumph

In the wilderness of my lament

In the lowlands or the mountain tops, I won’t forget

All that goodness that You have shown me

The promises that You have kept

There’s better days on the horizon up ahead

Let it rise, let it rise

In the dark, or the light

Oh my soul stand and fight

If you’ve got a song to sing, let it rise


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