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Matthew 5:13-16 (Jesus teaches about Salt and Light)

Reading, teaching and preaching from Matthew 5:13-16
(Jesus teaches us to be Salt and Light in the World).

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Light Up Your Life: Be Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)

Embark on a journey to illuminate your path and savor the essence of a purpose-driven life with "Light Up Your Life: Be Salt and Light." Join Philip, your guide from Beggars Breaking Bread, as he dives into the profound teachings of Matthew 5:13-16. Discover how embracing your role as the salt of the earth and the light of the world can transform you and those around you.

In this heartwarming video, Philip shares a touching tale of John, a humble carpenter, who became a beacon of hope in his community. Witness how John's authentic faith and love for Jesus Christ sparked a revival in his town, proving that anyone can make a significant impact by simply letting their light shine.

As followers of Christ, we're called to infuse our daily interactions with the flavor of His love and grace—much like the perfect pinch of salt enhances a meal. And, just as a city on a hill can't be hidden, we're challenged to shine brightly, guiding others out of the darkness with our good works and unwavering faith.

If your heart is stirred and you're ready to step into the light, or if you're searching for guidance on your journey of personal growth, I invite you to connect with us at Beggars Breaking Bread. Let's walk together in faith and service, supporting each other as we strive for a life that reflects the glory of our Father in heaven.

Remember, you have a significant role to play.

Are you prepared to be the Salt and Light our world so desperately needs?

Join us and let's make a difference—one life at a time.


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